Dear Visitor,

the ‚Haus-Brückner‘ is a pension located in Wildemann – a nice village in the Harz mountains. You can stay at our house almost as one of the family.

Although Wildemann is surrounded by pure nature and dark forest, we have a good connection to the ‚A7‘. This motorway is convenient for trips to many places in northern Germany. Hannover for example – where the famous exhibition centre is located – can be reached by car in about an hour.
Also allow us the hint, that the Autostadt in Wolfsburg is a very worthwhile destination for a day trip. You can enjoy a variety of interesting information and exhibitions about the main topic of that park: The art and history of building cars.

We have modern rooms with shower and restroom. It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you on your next journey to Germany.


The Harz mountains
(from the book ‚Harz‘ written by Tim Schwarzenberger and Uwe Wendler)

Moors shouded in mystery, cliffs of bizarre shapes, streams murmuring or roaring with the season, forests as far as the eye can see – rarely does a landscape vary as richly as here in the Harz mountains. Whether hiking the rougher peaks of the higher Harz mountains with their still somewhat wild and primeval forests, or walking the more mellow deciduous woods surrounding this national park, or passing through the colourful ountain meadows skirting the enchanted Harz towns – wherever we go we witness the fascination of Mother Natures’s never-ending drama.

Adding to it are the traces of the history of man: castles, palaces, and narrow medieval towns are just waiting to be explored.